Who We Are

We are a full service design/build construction, renovation/repair and operations & maintenance services company with corporate offices located in Renton, Washington.

Global LLC is structured as a modified matrix organization. The modified matrix organization combines the advantages of a pure functional structure and a product organizational structure. This form is suited for Global LLC because we conduct business as a “contract-driven” company. The basis for the matrix organization is an endeavor to create synergism through shared responsibility between project and functional management.

Advantages to our customers of our organizational structure include:

  • Key people can be shared and the project cost is minimized;
  • Conflicts are minimal, and those requiring hierarchical referrals are more easily resolved;
  • Seamless communications, feedback, and process flows between corporate and sites;
  • There is a better balance between time, cost and performance; and
  • Authority and responsibility are shared.

Our organization was formed primarily for the design and construction of Government and private sector projects.

To strengthen and enhance this full service concept we bring in the expertise of National Indoor Air Care, Corp. (NIAC) to perform specialty HVAC engineering and services. NIAC has been in business for over 25 years and providing services to the Government for over 12 years. We have full service in-house project management, design, and specialty engineering to facilitate the needs of today’s industry and the Government with one-stop full service support.

Buildings help define nations, companies and individuals.

They are the spaces where we live and work. At their best, they are expressions of art that are not only functional but also beautiful. At Global LLC we provide complete design, architecture, engineering and construction management services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Global LLC employs a team of highly skilled architects, project managers, safety/quality managers and engineers that specialize in the commercial, higher education, aviation, transit and governmental markets. We excel at complex and demanding projects in both the private and public sectors. This experience has helped Global LLC achieve Best Value Contractor Certification. As a high performing firm, we are experts in the details that can reduce budgets and improve schedules. We offer construction management and program management services in a best value environment that allows us to share our expertise and save our clients time and money.