Ample Corporate Resources provided by a team that has the financial, personnel, equipment, data systems and management experience to satisfy the most stringent of customer requirements. Our efficient job site organizations and operational techniques enable our team to respond to urgent requirements in a timely manner and effectively respond to and manage simultaneous projects at multiple locations nationwide.

Global maintains an active resumes file of available and qualified personnel, should there be an immediate need for additional team members. All employees will be cross-trained to perform duties in multiple positions. Global has over 200 employees in professional occupations, management, administration, maintenance, supply and trade skills.

Global LLC maintains six (6) regional offices strategically located throughout the various performance areas and more than thirty (30) individual project locations. Each of the regional and project offices are staffed with personnel who can readily provide construction support to any projects within their region and support to the design team through the collection of information, documentation of as-built conditions including digital photography, verifying field calculations and gathering other information required to best develop work plans.

Each member of our construction organization and design organization will have assigned responsibilities and authorities. The effectiveness of this autonomous structure encompasses and is strengthened by the following:

  • Flexibility in staffing allowing for adjustment based on volume and backlog of work,
  • Qualifications of staff members designed to meet position requirements and facilitate cross-utilization of personnel,
  • Defined responsibilities and authorities for each staff member,
  • A depth of design and subcontractor support, and
  • Support and guidance from our corporate office