Quality Control

Quality Control is the cornerstone of our program and it is Global LLC’s greatest asset to ensure we will be returning time after time to perform work for the customer.

We have an unsurpassed record of quality workmanship, both in design and construction, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the customer with excellent work the first time, every time as well as being ISO compliant. We provide a vision of clearly stated objectives that are not purely economic but are focused on improving the facilities and quality of the finished product. Global, LLC has an established Quality Control Program that has been effectively implemented to ensure quality levels and all workmanship is in compliance with contract requirements and industry standards.

Global LLC’s philosophy to Quality Control places emphasis on prevention rather than correction

Global LLC approaches Quality Control with a substantial corporate commitment and effort. We segregate our quality control efforts into two (2) distinct efforts: Design Quality Control and Construction Quality Control. Quality Control is one of management’s major responsibilities and especially so when many different organizations participate in the execution of a contract. While our process for both efforts is similar, the actual methods are distinct.

Quality Control during Design Development

We will identify how quality will be controlled during design execution. Quality measures are applied at each technical component to ensure that the design is following the prescribed requirements. The technical components are comprised of risk identification and minimization, site, structure, building envelope, interiors, systems and facilities. For effectiveness, Global LLC mandates a continuing evaluation of factors that affect the adequacy of the design or specifications for intended applications. The elements comprising this evaluation are as follows:

  • Develop and use procedures and practices, which control quality.
  • Identify, plan, and provide services that comply with the project scope of work
  • Validate overall project sustainable design goals and the scope of services required
  • Properly check, coordinate and document all work before issue.
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the quality control system.
  • Periodically measure the degree of customer satisfaction of the services performed.
  • Conducting plan-in-hand reviews
  • Perform periodic quality audits and report findings, recommendations and results to management.
  • Report risks on a weekly basis

Quality Control during Construction

The Quality Control during construction provides for quality control of systems consisting of plans, procedures, and organization necessary to provide material, equipment, workmanship, fabrication, construction, and operations both on site and off site, which comply with contract requirements.

Our Quality Control Plan establishes and maintains an effective quality control system. The following are some of the objectives of our Quality Control Plan:

  • Identification of risks and how the risks will be minimized;
  • Cease the dependence on inspection to achieve quality;
  • Maintaining a three-phase inspection system for each Definable Feature of Work;
  • Ensuring accurate measurements and product conformance prior to final Government acceptance;
  • Quality construction with effective subcontractor control;
  • Identify and evaluate quality problems, initiate actions that result in solutions, verify implementation of solutions and stop unsatisfactory work;
  • Strict compliance with Corps of Engineer’s concept of Construction Quality Management for Contractors; and,
  • Report Risks on a weekly basis