Performance Line

Global Engineering and Construction, LLC (Global) has established a reputation of providing quality and timely design and construction services throughout the health care industry in both the private and Governmental sectors. Customers recognize Global's abilities, professionalism and desire to provide quality services as demonstrated in the following sections of the proposal. The company’s record of performance at each of the locations encompassed by the contracts is excellent and Global particularly prides itself in the reputation the company has established in the healthcare environment.

In 2005, to position ourselves in the industry as a high performing contractor, the company retained the services of the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) of Arizona State University to perform a complete corporate assessment to learn, document, and benchmark Global ’s current processes, organizational structure, objectives, personnel, and other company information, including performance.  Global started documenting project performance benchmarking that measured our on-time rate; on-budget rate; change order (modifications) rate including both owner and contractor initiated; risk level and customer satisfaction.

Performance Line, presented below, was gained through the execution of nine (9) IDIQ multi-year Design/Build Medical Repair/Renewal (MRR) and Facility Repair/Renewal (FRR) in support of US Army Corps of Engineers and Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

 Documented Performance Line (October 2010 thru September 2016)
Contractor Overview Global Engineering & Construction, LLC
Original Projects Awarded Amount $155,095,639.43
Final Projects Awarded Amount $159,391,788.64

Customer Project Ratings
(10 = very satisfied 1 = very dissatisfied)

Global Engineering & Construction, LLC
Ability to manage the project cost 9.69
Ability to maintain project schedule 9.54
Quality of workmanship 9.81
Professionalism 9.85
Close out process 9.65
Communication and documentation 9.66
Ability to follow the users requirements 9.88
Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating 9.71

Average Project

Global Engineering & Construction, LLC
# of Modifications per Job 2.25
Owner Generated Risks 1.55
Number of Overdue Risks 0.05
% Over Awarded Amount 2.77
# of Days delayed 32.3