Global L.L.C. understands that experience is one of the major factors that will determine the award of contracts and that our past performance is the best indicator of future success.

Our experience encompasses all of the principle disciplines of the engineering, operations and maintenance and construction industry. During the past ten (10) years, Global's executives, management personnel and key employees of Global Engineering and Construction, LLC, and Departnent of Defense agencies have jointly planned, designed and executed hundreds of task orders and work orders with a value in the millions for renovation, new construction and maintenance at more than forty medical facilities throughout the United States including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Projects have included renovation, repair, new construction, upgrades and replacement of systems including incidental maintenance. We offer our customers:

  • An unequalled capability to perform site surveys and to prepare full design documents through in-house resources and through design support teams;
  • The capability to perform and experience in managing multiple task orders simultaneously at various locations separated by large geographical distances;
  • The ability to perform a large portion of the work with in-house crews; Experience in coordinating multiple subcontractors on single and multiple projects including relationship building, ensuring prompt payment of subcontractors and vendors and providing a positive work environment;
  • A proven record of past performance for design, construction, renovation and upgrades to healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics and medical support facilities and varied types of both vertical and horizontal projects throughout the United States; and,
  • A technical approach including plans for project execution, a safe working environment, quality control and cost management.