Our subcontractors are valuable members of the Global, LLC team.

Through the utilization of a performance based subcontractor selection process, Global will identify value and select subcontractors based on affordability, identification of risk, schedule, experience of proposed on-site key subcontractor personnel and past experience with projects of similar complexity and price. Firms identified will understand risk minimization; and have a firm understanding of the scope of work.

Prompt payment to our subcontracting partners is an ongoing priority. We see this priority as a key component to our long-term teaming strateg.

Effective monitoring and control of subcontract work will involve Global LLC’s Program Manager, Regional Managers, Project Managers and our QC/Safety Officer. We will check subcontractor performance, review management reports, participate in problem resolution conferences, and progress is monitored daily basis to ensure schedules are met and performance is satisfactory. In addition, our staff will assist you, the subcontractor, as necessary, in the resolution of schedule conflicts or other routine problems.

Communication is an essential element in subcontractor integration and control. Communication begins with a subcontractor’s introduction to the company and continues through work completion and associated warranty period.

Click here to download a Subcontractor/Supplier Questionnaire form (PDF)