Performance Contracting Consulting

As professional engineering consultants, GLOBAL LLC serves our clients as a representative agent to assist them in evaluation of their performance contracts. We do not sell specific products or equipment - rather we inform and advise our clients of specific technologies over the wide range of energy conservation products and strategies. GLOBAL LLC's broad base of experience in energy and field engineering enables us to assist energy users in their efforts to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve their indoor environment.

We offer a broad base of services and expertise in the following areas:

Independent Evaluation of Performance Contracts:

GLOBAL LLC independently verifies calculated energy savings, measurement and verification of energy savings and/or methods of energy savings verificaton, and life cycle economics including cash flow and return on investment. GLOBAL LLC can identify other, most cost-effective energy conservation measures and evaluate economic benefits to our clients of financing their own projects.

We also review proposed contracts to identify terms and conditions that may not be in the best interest of our clients.

Independent Audits:

We perform a wide range of audit based field engineering services to fulfill a broad range of needs and applications. These include:

  • Building energy surveys
  • Baseline energy audits
  • Utility rate analysis
  • Contract billing audits
  • Shared savings measurement and verification
  • Computer modeling
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Savings and cost analysis of ECMs
  • Identification and Resolution of Indoor Air Quality issues

GLOBAL LLC's staff of professionals includes many who specialize in the field of energy engineering analysis, design and construction, contract administration, facilities management, and indoor air quality. They also have excperience with many complex issues surrounding performance contracting. We can help our clients by partnering and supporting them to achieve common goals in the unfamiliar territory and complex nature of performance contracting services.