Energy Savings Performance Contracting

In existence since the late 1970's Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) offers a way to fund building upgrade and modernization projects through the savings generated from improved energy system performance. Shrinking capital budgets, energy deregulation, increasing energy prices, and improved technologies - along with guaranteed savings offered by energy services companies (ESCOs) - have created a resurgence in the appeal for ESPC.

GLOBAL LLC has been in the business of providing energy engineering services to owners and operators of existing buildings and faciliteis since our inception in 1972. Our broad-based expertise in this field includes survey, investigation, feasilbility study, life cycle cost analysis, renovation and design, implementation, and operations and maintenance for a wide variety of energy systems, in facilities such as government facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals and medical facilities.

ESPC typically requires GLOBAL LLC and the client to follow the following steps:

  • Conduct a preliminary survey to determine the best potential projects for energy savings (Energy Conservation Measures - ECMs) or (Engery Conservation Opportunities - ECO's)
  • Prepare project initiation agreement
  • Perform a detailed site survey and equipment monitoring
  • Perform energy modeling and analysis
  • Prepare preliminary estimates of costs and savings
  • Develop measuring and verfiication (M&V) plan
  • Develop concept design
  • Develop investment financing method
  • Prepare ESOPC proposals for Energy Savings Contract
  • Complete detailed design
  • Install and construct facility modifications
  • Systems commissioning
  • Train owner's staff or perform operations & maintenance
  • Meter, measure and verify energy and operational savings.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting can provide the Owner with the means to achieve energy efficient facility upgrades and modernization, reduce ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs and prolong equipment life, improve indoor environments, occupant comfort and quality of life, morale and productivity and reduce liability exposure - without requiring and "up-front" capital investment. The performance contractor assures the savings and is paid for their ESPC services from the savings that are created. At the end of the performance contract period, the owner controls the facility upgrades that will continue to provide the benefit of reduced energy and O&M costs and an improved indoor environment. Performance Contracting provides a Win - Win to funding, implementing, and executing facility operation and indoor air quality improvements.